As a professional, it is essential to understand the importance of proper agreement between the subject and verb. This agreement is crucial to write impeccable and grammatically correct sentences that convey the intended meaning.

Subject-verb agreement may seem like a simple concept, but difficulties can arise when you are faced with more complex sentences. Here are some quick tips to ensure you master the agreement of subject and verb:

1. Match the number of the subject with the number of the verb.

For example, a singular subject like “the dog” requires a singular verb like “barks.” On the other hand, a plural subject like “the dogs” requires a plural verb like “bark.”

2. Singular subjects are followed by singular verbs, while plural subjects are followed by plural verbs.

For example, “The child plays in the park” is correct, whereas “The child play in the park” is incorrect because the subject-verb agreement is not maintained.

3. Collective nouns, like “team,” “family,” and “audience,” are singular and require singular verbs.

For example, “The team plays well together” is correct while “The team play well together” is incorrect.

4. When a subject contains multiple nouns connected by “and,” use a plural verb.

For example, “My brother and I love going to the beach” requires a plural verb “love” instead of “loves” because there are two subjects connected by “and.”

5. When the subject contains multiple nouns connected by “or” or “nor,” use a verb that agrees with the closest noun preceding the verb.

For example, “Neither the cat nor the dogs are allowed on the sofa” should be written with a plural verb as the noun “dogs” is closest to the verb.

6. Use a singular verb for “each” and “every” before a subject.

For example, “Each member of the team is required to attend practice” or “Every student in the class must turn in their homework.”

In conclusion, the agreement of subject and verb is an essential grammatical rule that must be followed while writing any document. By keeping these simple rules in mind, you can ensure that your sentences are grammatically correct and convey the intended message. So, take the time to proofread and double-check your work to make a lasting impression on your readers.